Having content on your website is only the first step toward having a website users can find. The next step is ensuring that this content is uniquely yours. Although it may be tempting, it is important not to duplicate or reuse copy from someone else. Copying text from another site is looked down upon by the search engines. Search engines give precedence to the originator of the text on the search engine results page to combat this. Therefore, it is vital to the success of your website that your website contains only unique and original copy.

Once the copy is there in both volume and quality, search engine marketers expertly integrate keywords using proven-techniques within the online marketing industry.  They ensure that essential keywords are neither too sparse nor too dense. Keywords create the ability for a match between what a user searches and what is in the Google indexes.

Content in Context

Of course, having a successful website isn’t just about catering to the search engines. Sure, you can drive them there…but can you keep them? It’s important to remember that its people reading your content and it is those people whom you are selling to. It is equally as important that your content be well-suited for users as well.