Every organization that starts an organic search optimization process has a “keyword gap.” This is defined as the gap between the keywords you believe your organization should be found for in the search engines versus the keywords your prospects are actually using to try to find the products and services you sell.

Before writing content for your optimized content marketing strategy we need to close your keyword gap. This is important because keywords are at the core of every organic search strategy. Coincidentally, at the core of Google’s organic search algorithm is relevance for keywords as well.

Dynasty Marketing Group will provide keyword research to make sure your organization is optimizing the correct keywords.  Below are specific action steps we take:

Create/Tweak Your List of Keywords – Make a top 10 list of the keywords you believe you should be found for in the search engines. Include: branded and non-branded keyword phrases, long-tail keyword phrases, local keyword phrases, and industry-specific keywords.

Determine Rank and Volume – Use Google keyword research tool to discover other keywords to consider, search volumes, and questions people are asking – these types of queries can be used as the basis for blog post topics.

Keywords Traffic – Review pages on your website to ensure they are optimized to drive sufficient volume of traffic

Create, Optimize & Publish Content – Limit your optimization efforts for each web page or content campaign to only one or two keyword phrases. Publish blog posts, press releases, case studies and videos to keep web content fresh and relevant to your prospects and customers and to help them find the answers they are looking for.