How do I make my site rank for keyword X?

It is important to understand that your “site” does not rank; pages on your site rank. If you want to rank for a keyword, you’ll need to determine which page is going to be the page ranking for that keyword.

Adding that keyword to the title of every page is not going to help. Nor is writing 200 articles about it without one central article to link all those articles to. You need one single page that is the center of the content about that topic. One “hub” page, if you will. That page will need to be 100% awesome in all ways.

Positioning Your Keyword Content Within Your Site

Really important content deserves a page within your site’s structure, not a news item / post. It should be easily navigated to within a few clicks. Take some time to write content that is powerful and specific; this content will make your “page” rank, not your site.

Once you have that written this keyword driven page, it’s time for the next step: creating internal links for your article. You’re going to do this by figuring out which pages Google already thinks are relevant for your targeted keyword / key phrase. The easiest way to figure out which pages Google thinks are relevant for that keyword is doing a “site:” search in Google.

You will probably find more than a few pages within your site. Go into each of those pages and add a link to your new “keyword driven content” page. If possible, use the keyword you’re targeting as the anchor text for that link, but most importantly: link from within the content. Don’t just add some site wide sidebar / footer links. The reason for this is simple: links from within content are way more valuable than links from sidebars.

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