Dynasty Marketing Group strongly believes your menu navigation is a key component to your website.  There are also many ways to optimize you menu and make it user friendly for consumers on your site. In an ideal world, every single page of your website would be accessible from that one, site-wide website menu.  The website menu is the most common aid for navigation on your website and you want to make the best possible use of it. Here, DMG addresses a number of useful best practices that allow you to optimize your website menu for both your users and SEO.

Multiple Website Menus

Many websites that we host have multiple navigation menus.  There can be two navigational websites at the top of your site and additional website menus along a sidebar of specific pages. Putting all navigational links in one menu will clutter your website and makes your main menu a poor reflection of your site structure. Focus on the most important content.

Having too many links in your navigation

Too many links, anywhere on your page, isn’t recommended. Yes, Google may allow up to 250 links and perhaps even more on a page without any problems. But your website’s goal’s probably not to make sure your visitors can’t see through all the clutter. Having too many links about male potency generic tadalafil on a page messes up your link value, for one. With so many links on a page, every link from that page is just a little less valuable for the page it links to. Besides that, it messes up the focus of your visitor. With every link, you add a diversion from the main goal of your website.

The perfect menu

Of course, there is no template for ‘the perfect menu’. Much of it depends on your site and on what your goals are. In any case, there are two important questions you should ask yourself when optimizing your menu:

  • What is the best menu structure for my site?
  • What menu items should at least be in my menu?

Two more tips we can give you is to use a drop-down menu for important sub items. And don’t add too many links to your menu, or they will lose their value.

Contact Dynasty Marketing Group if you need help with the structure of your website menu and more importantly optimizing your site from all angles.  We are your Search Engine Optimization consultants!